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It's the FreeFrom Food Awards TONIGHT!

Every year there's one day in the freefrom industry where everyone gets super excited. That is, if they're looking to get a shiny gold badge from the one and only FreeFrom Food Awards.

Alex Gazzola and Ali Walsh
Alex Gazzola and me at the 2019 FFFAwards

This year's a bit different, though, for obvious reasons. Although, it'll still be reported live on social media by Alex Gazzola, a journalist who specialises in writing about coeliac disease (among other things).

Still, a lot has had to change. The biggest variation (apart from not meeting up) is that entrants won't get to sample the winners' food, which is usually laid out on big tables like a kids' ideal Christmas with pizzas, cake & chocolates stretching on for miles. It really is a coeliac dream.

But not to worry! There's still excitement to be had. The lockdown version is to get dressed up (I'm thinking ballgown) and log on to a live awards ceremony where each category's winners will be announced in turn.

Free From Food Awards Silver Award
My silver award for 2019

And if you haven't read my article in Gluten-Free Heaven magazine or my previous posts about how excited/nervous I am, just know that I've entered twice now in 2016 and 2019, got shortlisted and won silver, respectively, so I'm EAGERLY awaiting a gold award. (No pressure, of course.)

If you're wondering who else has been shortlisted, take a look here. My cake entry this year is no.12 in category 4, gluten-free (obvs), vegan and absolutely delectable. (I know I'm biased but really, it is magnificent.) That said, I'm up against multiple-award-winning Booja Booja, whom I adore, and it'll be a tough race.

So cross your fingers for me tonight and say a little prayer because it would be especially wonderful in lockdown to have a reason for an ear-to-ear grin.

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