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Why you're not missing gluten (trust me on this one)

You may have read my article in this month's Gluten-Free Heaven magazine on why gluten isn't that brilliant after all.

This month's Gluten-Free Heaven magazine has my top swaps in it

If you haven't, let me fill you in. My article (pages 28-29 if you need instant gratification) discusses the pros and cons of gluten and then gives ten delicious gluten-free alternatives to foods you might be desperate for after having to go gluten-free.

Since the article was published, I've found some more coeliac-friendly alternatives that are absolutely amazing and just what you might need in this cold weather.

That said, I've also decided there are things I'd recommend avoiding. They just confirm how awful it can be eating gluten-free so look below to see what to buy and what to avoid!

Macaroni Cheese

Some might say this is a fairly simple dish to make. Those people have clearly never had issues with a lumpy cheese sauce. They're also people with a bit more time on their hands than me. So if you need to buy it as a ready meal, here are my do and don't buys.

Recommendation: Amy's Kitchen Macaroni Cheese

Amy's Kitchen does a great gluten-free mac & cheese

Yummy, creamy and a really good texture to the tiny macaroni. This is seriously good and worth every penny.

Don't buy: Asda (own-brand) FreeFrom Macaroni Cheese

The pasta is huge and that might be the problem: it tastes chewy and there's way too much sauce. I felt I'd eaten a lot of calories and not enjoyed one of them. Not worth it.


Recommendation: Asda FreeFrom Quiche Lorraine

Asda's gluten-free quiches are excellent

I honestly can't tell the difference between this pastry and 'normal' pastry. It really does taste good. So good, in fact, I drove out of my way to get another after I'd finished the first one. Plus there's a vegetarian cheese & onion flavour if you want to avoid meat.


Recommendation: Dr Oetker Ristorante Gluten-Free Pizza

Dr Oetker gluten-free pizza is one of the best

There's something about the cheese on this pizza that makes it rather superior. That, and they've managed to create a good crust.

Don't buy: Goodfella's Gluten-Free Pizza

I'm not sure where to begin with this one. Bad base probably. And it was so awful I kept apologising to the non-gluten-free eaters who'd been forced to try it.

So there we are. 3 gluten-free ready-made foods you can try this winter to stave off the cold (and save you having to cook). Enjoy!

By the way...

I have not been sponsored by any of the brands in this post. This blog is my entirely honest and humble opinion about gluten-free food.

Have you tried any of the above gluten-free foods? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

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