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6 things you'll learn at a gluten-free cake decorating course

So you're a keen baker, you'd like to improve your skills, and there's just one problem: you can't have gluten. Where can you go to do a gluten-free cake decorating course?

It's very exciting to find a gluten-free cupcake decorating course!

Well, here at The Bakehouse, naturally. But you'd be forgiven for not knowing: the majority of people come here for wedding cakes. And if I'm really specific, the vast number of those are semi-naked ones. (Easy now, I'm talking about the cake, not the people!)

So if you're wondering what to expect on a course, I'll go through some of the things we do.

Hen party cupcake decorating course at The Local Bakehouse

  1. Hen parties. Yep, we can accommodate up to 12 people at The Bakehouse and offer a variety of hen party packages, including a bespoke design service where you can request the exact type of sugarcraft you'd like to do.

  1. Beginners' workshops If you've never really done any cake decorating or everything you try tends to go wrong, we do a range of workshops that'll be just up your street. From making little owls on cupcakes to piping buttercream roses, there should be plenty to get you started on your cake decorating journey.

  1. Specific requests. Do you have a specific idea in mind but can't find a course for it? Give us a call and we'll put together a 1:1 course just for you.

  1. Advanced sugarcraft. So you're great at baking and you can cover a cake in fondant but there's still some stuff you can't quite do. No problem. We do flower-making classes (out of sugar, obvs) and miniature bride & groom figurines (also in sugar) to look exactly like the happy couple you're making a cake for.

  1. Wedding cake masterclasses. Promised to make a friend her wedding cake but aren't sure quite how to do it? Maybe you're a great baker but you've never stacked a cake before. Maybe you've had a test-run and the whole thing slid into a pile. Whatever your concerns, you can put them to rest in our naked wedding cake masterclass. You'll take home a gorgeous 2 tier vanilla bean cake complete with fruit and sugar flowers.

  1. We cater for vegans (& other dietary requirements). It's not just gluten we avoid. If you're vegan, can't have dairy, eggs or need to avoid other allergens, we'll take care of everything. Just chat to us first before making your booking.

So whatever your reason for wanting to do a cake decorating course, you'll be very welcome at The Bakehouse. Click this link here and you'll see the courses we have on offer. Hope to see you soon!

Can't see what you want? Contact us here and we'll design a course specially.

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