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The exciting adventure I've been on (that I won't tell you about...yet)

So there's something I've been doing lately and I'm rather excited about it. And obviously I'm expecting you to be excited, too. (IT'S EXCITING!)

Wearing jeans

Is the picture enough of a clue?


What about this?

Happy tummy

Okay, I really should admit this belly isn't mine (because I know you were convinced this was my toned torso - in no way could it be someone who's twenty years younger and hasn't just had two kids). And I should also let you know I haven't just taken up belly dancing.

Maybe this is a better indication of what I've been doing:

Chia pudding

And with those three pieces of evidence, I'm going to let you channel your inner Agatha Christie and decide what on earth I've been up to.

Oh, okay, one more piece of evidence. It's led to this:

Happy family

Any ideas? Do write them below. I'll soon reveal all, I promise!

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