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The place that sells vegan gluten-free cheddar

Firstly, don't worry: I'm not under the impression cheddar cheese usually contains gluten. But I am aware that substitutes have to find a way round the dairy issue and sometimes that's a problem for coeliacs.

Amazing cheeses...but not vegan ones

But not this time.

I'll walk you through what happened...

I had a favourite place in Keynsham. I didn't often get to go there but when I did, the staff were friendly and they always stocked what I wanted.

So I was really sad to see it had gone. Yep. Completely empty. A forlorn little sign hung above the doorway but nothing was inside. Not a sausage.

And then someone alerted me to the fact they hadn't gone at all. Nope. They'd simply outgrown their small premises (because they're so needed) and moved down the street.

Joy! Abandon!

And yesterday I popped in for a spot of light shopping.

Gluten-free goodies from Conscience Foods in Keynsham

What is this fabulous place, you ask? It's Conscience Foods in Keynsham. That vegan cheddar cheese you see? It tastes great AND has the texture of cheddar. (Admittedly it's not a dead ringer for cheddar, but it's a darn sight better than some of the stuff I've tried.) And the vegan cream cheese equivalent? Delicious!

After my splurge, I walked down the street to catch my bus and saw the local church ziplining teddies from the steeple. Seriously. And I thought, I love Bristol.

Have you found a fantastic vegan gluten-free substitute for a food you love? Please share your finds below!

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