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The most popular wedding cake I get asked for

Google 'wedding cake trends 2019' and you'll get quite a variety. You'd be forgiven for wondering how on earth anyone chooses the style they want. From metallic sprinkles to donut towers (in the shape of cake tiers, obviously), there's a considerable difference in taste.

A slice of wedding cake on the inside - but what did it look like uncut?

But the fact is, there's one type of wedding cake that is vastly more popular with my customers than anything else.

What is it? It's a semi-naked cake.

And this weekend, I did two that were almost identical in style and flavour. Both had fresh flowers and fruit cake bottom tiers. Both had marzipan and fondant. Both had carrot cake middle tiers with vanilla bean frosting. Oh, and all the cakes had not only to be gluten-free but also dairy-free.

So if you're wondering, this is what they looked like:

A gorgeous semi-naked wedding cake at Mud Dock, Bristol

I'm so in love with all the extras for this cake - from the bespoke wooden toppers to the tree slice and candles, everything about the setting for this cake makes it super special. (Mud Dock in Bristol)

Semi-naked wedding cake at Clifton Pavilion, Bristol

This cake just goes to show how stunning a semi-naked design can look on a silver cake stand (well, it was Clifton Pavilion, after all!).

Do you know someone who's looking for a gluten-free cake? Send them this link!

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