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The wedding cake that can lower your blood pressure (possibly)

Given the run up to a wedding, you might argue any cake you had would lower your blood pressure. "It arrived! It was on time! It looks and tastes amazing!"

But it seems the trend for naked wedding cakes may actually be more beneficial than simply having less icing.

Plenty of fruit & no outside icing - that's the first step!

So what's the secret?

Apparently, it's in the fruit. But not just any old fruit - so don't rush for a Dundee cake instead of a sponge just yet: the answer lies in the berries.

If you read Anna Mapson's blog post on 'The Berry Benefit', you'll learn that berries:

  • help reduce cardiovascular markers;

  • improve insulin resistance (which is good for anyone concerned about diabetes);

  • can lower blood pressure; and

  • are rich in fibre.

Who knew a wedding cake could provide such benefits?!

Okay, so there's a small matter of having to eat the berries more than once (regularly for 6 months, according to the study Anna mentions). There's also a slightly larger matter of needing to incorporate the berries into a healthy, balanced diet, and I don't think we can include wedding cake on a daily basis for this.

But they say every little helps, so if you're at a wedding and there's a beautiful cake with berries on it, you can still feel a little virtuous, even if it does get washed down with a glass of bubbly (or two).

To see more types of naked wedding cake, click here for inspiration!

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