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How to make your wedding cake extra special

Have you spent the summer going to a few weddings, oohing and ahhing at those special little touches the happy couple have spent time on to make everything perfect? And are you about to get married yourself and wondering how on earth you're supposed to do it?

Allow me to let you into a little secret: with a cake, it's easy. You just have to decide which of the following options works best for you and your partner.

Option 1: miniature version of yourselves on top of the cake

Bride & groom toppers that are gluten-free and vegan

Ramp up the romance factor with bespoke 3 inch figures of you and your partner on top of your cake! You can have every little detail added from flowers to pearl earrings and glasses to tattoos. Not only that but these little figures are made from sugar which means they'll last for years to come, and what could be more adorable than bringing them out again at your silver wedding anniversary and saying, "Didn't we look great?!"

Option 2: showstopper wow factor

Chandelier wedding cake

Are you hoping to have a cake where everyone can't stop staring at its brilliance? Then opt for a chandelier cake. That's right: it's hanging upside down. You can change the colour to match the colours you've already got at the wedding (like the bridesmaid dresses or the ribbon on the invitations) and you can have a set of flowers sitting on top to match your bouquet. Trust me: this is the cake everyone will be talking about in years to come!

Option 3: the anti-wedding wedding cake

Buttercream flowers wedding cake

So you're not really into lace. Or scattered petals. Or anything vaguely traditional. So what? It doesn't mean your cake has to conform. Think about what makes you smile and things you love. Maybe it's spots and stripes or gothic-style hearts (I've been asked to do both and they've looked fab). So if you want something different, talk to your cake designer and show them things you've already organised (like invitations). The more you tell them about what makes your heart sing, the more likely it is they'll come up with an amazing creation to make your big day even more special. The one pictured above was made using a special egg-free swiss meringue buttercream to go with the stunning red, yellow and pink colours at the venue.

Getting married and want a wow factor cake? Get in touch here or call us on 0117 908 9193 and we'll be happy to help.

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