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Why bonfire night is great for coeliacs

Some celebrations aren't the easiest for those of us who need gluten-free. Think of how many beige buffets you've had to tolerate and you'll know what I mean.

If you've managed to avoid them, you're really not missing out. Think fatty sausage rolls, curled triangular sandwiches and shop-bought pre-packaged butterfly cakes with an unnerving use by date of 2021 and you get the idea. It's a wonder anyone ever lives beyond forty.

Toasting marshmallows on Bonfire Night

Marshmallow toasting? I'm in!

But bonfire night is another thing altogether. It mostly calls for jacket spuds, sausages, marshmallows and an abundance of tin foil and long sticks.

And thanks to people calling for better standards, most sausages on the market are now gluten-free (save a few of the cheaper ones). The best include Heck's Limited Edition Guy Porks, Debbie & Andrew's, The Black Farmer and many supermarket own brands.

Sparklers on Bonfire Night

What a relief these sparklers are gluten-free!

If you're feeling parched, many of the hot drinks on offer are naturally gluten-free, like this hot spiced cider recipe by Tesco, and it's great for warming your hands up before you take hold of a sparkler.

As for marshmallows, I've yet to come across a brand that isn't gluten-free. So stick your stick in and get toasting!

What do you love about Bonfire Night as a coeliac? Do share your thoughts below!

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