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Why coeliacs need a 'flu jab (& what it means for your spleen)

When I was in my twenties, I couldn't understand why I seemed to get every cold going. It happened every month and the doctor told me it just happened to some people.

Coeliacs should strongly consider getting a 'flu jab

The 'flu jab is very quick (thankfully!)

Years later, I learned coeliac disease might be the reason why.

If you head to the NHS website you'll see their findings:

This doesn't mean everyone with an autoimmune disease will be susceptible, but it accounts for a percentage.

Although colds are different from influenza, the latter is easier to avoid by doing one thing and it takes 2 minutes.

Yes, every year I go for my 'flu jab, and recently my wonderful local surgery has started texting me with an invitation. (This is one of the reasons I love modern technology!)

Depending on your UK location, you may be eligible for a free 'flu jab. If you're refused or asked to wait, it may be that your doctor is prioritising other patients first (such as the over 65s).

The over 65s are prioritised for 'flu jabs

Let's see how many 'flu jab jokes we can make, shall we?!

I was given an end of November appointment this year but was advised to call again on a Friday when more spaces might open up. Sure enough, I nabbed a new appointment 4 days later.

If you're not able to get an appointment through your local surgery, there are plenty of places in the UK that offer them for as little as £7. If you go to a large supermarket or chemist, you may be able to have it done on the spot. Alternatively, you can check online at places like Superdrug's website for their availability.

What do you think about getting a 'flu jab? Has it been worth it as a coeliac? Do share your views below!

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