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How to have a gluten-free children's party (without doing it yourself)

Too busy to whip up an entirely gluten-free spread of scones, sausage rolls, butterfly cakes, sandwiches and so on? The thought alone is draining in itself. I mean, that takes some serious time.

children's party food with amazing decorations

Thankfully, you don't have to make the hundreds & thousands...

Even if you head off to the supermarket freefrom section, you'll still have to do everything else that comes with organising a party. It'll involve mass balloon pumping, banner-sticking, direction-sending...and that's before you've done an entire house scrub-down (twice, because after the party will be immeasurably worse).

So what's the answer?

Well, it seems that good businesses have already solved it. I was in my local soft play centre the other day and came across their party menu:

The children's party menu at Noah's Ark

I sighed as I looked at the 2 options. Neither seemed coeliac-friendly.

But I thought I'd enquire, anyway, and was pleasantly surprised to be told they'd happily make sandwiches with gluten-free bread and (drum roll) at no extra cost. Hurrah! Menu 1 suddenly looked a lot more promising. They'll also let you bring your own cake, which means you're not tied to having a particular baker who may or may not understand the finer points of cross contamination in areas with flour clouds.

And if you're wondering where this lovely soft play is, it's Noah's Ark in Brislington, just off the A4. My two had a fabulous time dashing about and playing, which means I'm pretty sure I know where my son's next birthday will be...

Have you had a good children's catering experience? Do share your story below!

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