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3 surprising places you can find gluten-free treats for Xmas

Newsflash: it's nearly C-Day! Thankfully, there's still a whole day of shopping you can do, but what if you're looking for things that absolutely, definitely need to be gluten-free (without the dreaded 'may contains' and 'made in a factory where wheat is handled' etc...)?

Give a little gluten-free person a gift they'll love this Xmas

Allow me to present to you 3 places you can go today that'll help you out.

1. TK Maxx

Thought it was the place to get labelled clothing at a massive discount? Well, it is, but it's also a lot more than that, with plenty of goodies to buy that have a coveted gluten-free tag on them.

Gluten-free goodies at TK Maxx

Yesterday I bought some delicious macarons, a Xmas tree-shaped tin of chocolate praline balls and a gorgeous box of amaretti biscuits. And if you can't get to the shops and want to browse their website, this link will take you to their gluten-free goodies, including recipe books and floor cleaner. (Is the latter not quite what you had in mind? Somehow I think the gluten-free bots took it a bit far. But there are some yummy edibles to be had, I promise!)

2. Your local 24 hour garage

"Wha-a-a-at?" You cry. "Do you mean a pint of milk or a packet of crisps?" I most certainly do not! Over the past few years, garages have cottoned onto the fact we need more than The Sun and a few Mars bars. The big name brand that seems to be here to stay is Mrs Crimble's, and there's usually a good range to choose from. Admittedly, you do have to like coconut.

Mrs Crimble's big choc macaroons are gluten-free

3. Pieminister

Thought a pie specialist was your kryptonite? Think again! This wonderful chain does FOUR different gluten-free pies with mash and gravy (yes, gluten-free gravy!), including one very special Mistle Moo for Xmas. They also know not to cross-contaminate and my recent trip to their Bristol city centre restaurant was a pleasure indeed.

So if you need some fuel to help you with your shop, you can either stop by one of their restaurants (including Manchester, Cardiff and Stoke-on-Trent to name but a few) or pop into a supermarket and pick one up to take home.

If you're wondering, my favourite's the Gluten-Free Heidi. Yum!

Have you found any hidden treasures this Xmas Eve? Do share them below for the good of the coeliac community!

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