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Where to get the best gluten-free fish & chips

If you watched me peg it out of the sea last week then you'll know I was in Ilfracombe. So it won't take you long to realise my fish & chips recommendation is in the same place.

I must say, I don't often go to the chippy. I didn't even realise it was a thing until a teenage friend told me she used to go there every Friday for her family's meal.

It's not that I want to eat it all the time. But I would like the choice. So when a massive sign outside Lynbay Fish & Chip Shop in Ilfracombe had the crossed grain symbol, I couldn't help but go in.

Eating gluten-free fish and chips in Ilfracombe

I was pleased to see they were clued up about cross contamination. Separate fryers were used and although this meant a twenty minute wait for my special gluten-free fish, it was worth it.

As you can see, they served up a mammoth portion. Admittedly, it cost a tenner, but there was so much on my plate I was able to give plenty to my daughter to eat (and she was keen to grab a few more chips after she'd finished!).

My only disappointment was that the staff didn't seem to share my enthusiasm for their gluten-free creation. They seemed more intent on gossiping about their personal lives to one another, which was a shame as I'd have loved to chat to them about why they started doing gluten-free food, not listen to a rant about the woman down the road.

But if you're keen to get a good coeliac-friendly feed in a place on the harbour, this is the place to come.

Have you had a good takeaway experience at a coeliac-friendly place? Do share the details below!

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