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The real reason this post is a day late

For those of you who are good enough to read my blog posts every Tuesday, I do apologise. You'll have noticed something was rather amiss yesterday. (As in, no post.)

But I believe I have a very good reason!

Let's begin with this grin:

Ali Walsh in a French restaurant with gluten-free bread!

Is the photo not enough? I thought not. But I wondered if it might indicate my excitement at what had just happened.

I'd gone to London to enter the FreeFrom Food Awards. (More on that in the weeks to come. For the moment, everything has to be hush hush.)

After gently dropping off my cake entry, I was then free to roam London, and I got the opportunity to meet my family in a gorgeous little French restaurant called Chez Antoinette where I was promised I'd be treated well as a coeliac.

This turned out to be an understatement. Every dish presented could be made with gluten-free bread and there wasn't just one but TWO gluten-free cake options for pudding. (I'm usually impressed if a place serves icecream - hey, it's better than fruit.)

So I went away a very happy bunny, full of fresh cheeses and coffee, and then went to see some of the sights. And if you're wondering, that includes the London Eye, which I decided to admire from afar.

Ali Walsh at the London Eye

So thank you for bearing with me for the last 24 hours; I will endeavour to get my posts organised for the rest of 2020. Be back on Tuesday, I promise!

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