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Why we all need a little (cake) humour

For the last 3 weeks, things have been so topsy-turvy that making jokes didn't really seem appropriate. Even posting pictures of gorgeous cakes seemed a little insensitive.

But now we're adjusting to the new rules, it seems high time a little cake humour was brought in. So here's my offering: a card I have amongst my cake decorating books, depicting the crime that is leaving one slice of cake in front of everyone and it being (horrors) ignored.

Cake speaking card

Of course, one bonus to the current working environment is there are no office meetings where this could possibly happen. An office Zoom video call won't provide the same agony, unless, of

course, someone has it on the side in full view of the camera. That would be crime indeed!

But what about you? Do you have any cake jokes you love? Please share them below!

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