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Cake orders that will melt your heart during lockdown

This week I've already had two incredibly moving cake orders, neither of which would have been made had it not been for the very sad situation we find ourselves in the world over.

Dark chocolate gluten-free chocolate drip cake
Dark chocolate drip cake

First up was a delectable chocolate ganache drip cake. The recipient was meant to have had his birthday with his girlfriend in New Zealand. Unfortunately, he got stuck in England instead. So she e-mailed me with an order for him (double chocolate, if you're wondering) and when I delivered it to his door, he was already on the phone.

"Did you organise this?" he said excitedly. "Oh my goodness! This is amazing!"

So I left him to it and jumped back in my car, so pleased to have helped make someone's day.


The second order was slightly different. It was from a woman whose mother had been looked after in the Covid-19 ward in the Bristol Royal Infirmary. She wanted to thank them for their wonderful work. And I'm pretty sure there are some happier staff there today after receiving vanilla, chocolate and coffee cupcakes.

Cupcakes for the NHS Covid-19 ward
Cupcakes for the NHS ward

If you've got someone who deserves a lovely cake, do get in touch. I'm offering deliveries within Bristol or collection from The Bakehouse (with special distancing measures). Just pop me an e-mail or give me a call on 0117 908 9193. And most importantly, stay happy!

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