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My prediction for who'll win Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off has to be one of the best TV series I've ever watched.

Who'll win the Great British Bake Off
I reckon I can guess who'll win!

And not just this year. Since season 2 (when I first discovered it), I've been a big fan.

It's the kind of warm, fuzzy TV that's much needed in the winter months, never mind a lockdown scenario.

So I've been keenly watching this year (as usual) to see what wonderful creations they'll bake.

I know there are other coeliacs who can't stand watching because they can't eat most of the food, but it doesn't bother me. I just watch what they make and plot how I'd do a gluten-free version.

Plus, there are golden moments when people make gluten-free bakes, particularly when they're not even asked to.

*Starts coughing*

Can you guess who my favourite is?

Of course it's Peter! Who wouldn't want such a wonderful chap to win when he's been baking gluten-free for his brother ever since the start. Oh, all right, not every bake, but enough to make people sit up and listen when Paul Hollywood says how good a gluten-free sponge flour can be.

That said, I'm not convinced Peter will win. Just because Peter's my favourite - and not just for gluten-free - for all sorts of things - his calm manner, his ability to persevere no matter what, his expert knowledge of baking despite being fresh out of school - they're all excellent reasons for him to get this year's trophy. No, I actually think the crown will go to Dave.

Dave has been steadily improving from the start. He's risen better than some of his loaves, and wowed the judges time and time again.

"What about Laura?" I hear you cry. Well, despite her wonderfully bubbly personality and gorgeously diligent efforts, she's scraped through at least 3 episodes by the skin of her teeth and I'm not convinced she'll be able to beat both Dave and Peter in the final.

So Dave's where I'm putting my money, even though I'd rather be eating Peter's bakes (for one thing, because he's the only one doing gluten-free).

But what about you? Who do you think will be crowned the winner?

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