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The best wedding cake designs to cater for allergens

If you're getting married (congrats!) and you have multiple allergens to cater for, choosing a wedding cake needn't be the headache you might fear. But there are some points to consider, and here are 5 important questions to ask before you make a decision.

Why are you avoiding allergens?

Do you have an allergic reaction to eating a particular allergen (e.g. dairy) or is a guest intolerant? Does someone have coeliac disease and need to avoid gluten? Is your guest vegan? Does a guest have a religious need to avoid egg?

How dangerous is it if the person comes into contact with a 'may contain'?

Some people can tolerate "may contains" and "made in a factory that handles..." but others can't. Find out how serious the issue is first.

How many people have dietary needs?

Are you catering for a wide range of dietary needs or is it just one person who'll be affected? And on that note...

How important is the person who has a dietary need?

I don't mean in terms of whether they live or die! The question is: is it the groom, mother-of-the-bride or a simply an evening guest?

Have you got a dream wedding cake design in mind?

Don't immediately think you can't have the cake you've saved on Pinterest. Get some ideas together first so you can talk to your cake designer about them. There may be a way of having your cake (and eating it!).

Now you've considered some important points, what cake style should you choose?

1. Intolerances (not severe allergies)

If the guest(s) you're catering for are mildly intolerant to a particular type of food then you could opt for a wedding cake with separators, meaning you can have the cake you want for yourself and a cake that's suitable for them. The separators (either made from foam, plastic or flower oasis) can be covered with ribbon or flowers so they're kept hidden.

2. Just a few guests

If it's just one person who's coming and they're not going to be too bothered about whether they eat the main wedding cake or not, then it may be best to get them their own cupcake with their name iced on top so they know it's suitable for their diet.

3. A trillion allergens

If it feels easier to get one cake that everyone can eat rather than work out umpteen different options, it's possible to get an amazing cake that's free from major allergens.

This naked wedding cake is gluten-free and vegan, catering for wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free and lupin-free diets. Now that's got to be something to celebrate!

If you'd like to know more ideas about how to create your perfect wedding cake, do get in touch by either calling 0117 908 9193 or e-mailing here.

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