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The cakes everyone's ordering (& can't get enough of!)

Things have changed slightly in the last 2 months. (You may have noticed.) And that doesn't stop at social distancing. People have actually started ordering a different type of cake, and I'm not just talking about size.

Granted, no-one wants a wedding cake right now, but they're not even ordering the same type of birthday cake. Instead of asking for a regular sponge cake, people are mostly going for extra special designs.

First up is the 3 layer, everything on it, drip cake. Okay, that's not exactly the most inspiring way to describe it so let me give you a few pics:

Gluten-free drip cake with dark chocolate ganache & tiny flowers
Dark chocolate ganache drip cake

Or there's white chocolate if you prefer...

A delicious white chocolate ganache gluten-free cake
Pink white chocolate ganache drip cake

Then there's the cake to light up a little one's face, and by that I mean 'surprise inside'. There's nothing quite like a child looking at their birthday cake and then cutting into it to discover buried treasure.

A surprise inside sweets cake
Surprise inside cake - just wait and see!

And then when you cut into it...

Fabulous jelly beans inside a gluten-free sponge
Jelly beans surprise inside cake

Finally, there's an extra special touch for fondant cakes - a hand-painted gold name, making the finished cake even more spectacular.

A hand-painted gold name for a cake
A hand-painted gold name with your cake

So if you're looking for a dark chocolate drip cake, surprise inside, or to bring a little gold into the cake world with a bespoke hand-painted name, get in touch. We're here for both collection and delivery (with social distancing observed).

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