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Welcome to my new look blog!

Since Spring is finally here and blooming, I decided it was time the blog did, too. There's a new layout, new features and even a handy tip at the top to tell you how long the post will take to read.

Ali and wedding cake
Ali Walsh at The Local Bakehouse

As always, there'll be a strong focus on all things gluten-free as well as cake tutorials, top tips and more.

Great Easter baking hacks!

If you've not yet seen it, visit my Facebook page to see my latest video on how to be gluten-free and have fun. There are some quick, easy and brilliant Easter tips in there (like how to bake a gooey mini creme egg into a cupcake) as well as ways of managing on a budget.

So whatever you're up to in the new world we find ourselves in, I do hope you're finding some silver linings. If you've recently started a spot of gluten-free cake decorating, I'd love to see your creations. You can proudly post them below for all to see! (Or if you're feeling a little shy, feel free to ask baking questions first.)

Happy baking!

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