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You know things have changed when...

This afternoon, I would normally have been planning wedding cakes for the weekend ahead. What ingredients to buy, what times things had to be done, calling venues and checking delivery times and so forth.

But the new world we've suddenly been plunged into has made everything different. Most weddings have been postponed, some cancelled, and there certainly isn't anyone who wants a 4 tier cake to feed 100 people.

So (and get ready to giggle) I couldn't help but take part in a Smeg challenge that caught my eye on Twitter.

That's right: a spot the difference competition without...wait...a prize. It was just for fun! Oh, how fun... It got to the point where I was determined to find all the differences, despite the fact that nobody would really care. Determination and perseverance took over.


Clearly someone else wanted to save everyone the trouble of having to find all the clues themselves, so once I'd painstakingly volunteered my ten answers, this popped up in my feed:

So everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief...and get on with some other time shrinker.

Have you started doing things you normally wouldn't? Do share your experiences below!

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