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When you run a gluten-free cake business, gluten’s usually the first thing people mention.

“Gluten-free, eh? That’s very fashionable these days, isn’t it?”

“So is just one tier gluten-free?” (I’m never sure whether people are hoping the other tiers will be ‘normal’ or if they’re worried about cross-contamination.)

“Gluten-free? Fantastic! My [insert close relative/friend] is gluten-free. Can I have your card?” (Obviously this is one of my favourites.) And I’m really pleased when people talk about gluten. The more it gets discussed, the better educated people will be about how important it is for those of us who have coeliac disease (and other gluten-related problems).

But I’ll admit I was quite pleased when it wasn’t the first thing everyone noticed at a wedding this weekend. Nope, as you can see from the photo, they had other things on their mind, and it’s all thanks to a Chandelier Cake.

Whether it’s because it looks spectacular or because people are channelling their inner engineer, craning their heads around the cake to work out how it’s put together, this cake is one that always gets impressive comments.

Last Saturday the theme was a peacock wedding and the chandelier cake was dressed accordingly, and it was all people could talk about. One comment on Twitter happened to mention #glutenfree at the end (but the main point was the chandelier bit).

And so the excitement begins. Remember when vegetarians had to endure a variety of patronising comments? “Vegetarian? It actually tastes quite nice.” And now no-one really makes a fuss if they’re served a vegetable lasagne or a Thai green curry.

Well that’s what I’d like for those of us who need gluten-free – for it to be so commonplace that it isn’t the first thing for people to comment on.

That’s just what the Chandelier Cake has done. And yes, everyone loved the taste. Hurrah!

To check out other styles of fabulous wedding cakes (that just happen to be gluten-free), take a look at the WEDDING CAKES page here.

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