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The cafe with no gluten-free options

Today I felt like I'd been in a time machine. I went into Boswells, a café with lots of cakes on display, and there were no gluten-free options. There were fresh cakes, wrapped biscuits, toasted teacakes and so on, but nothing I could enjoy.

The staff were apologetic but completely baffled about the gluten-free request. Surely I couldn't be the only person needing gluten-free food, I thought. And then I remembered the nineties.

When I got coeliac disease, there was very little understanding about gluten. It was just about ok if you went to a vegan restaurant as they'd obviously had to think carefully about what went into their food. But that meant even fewer options were available as naturally all they had was egg- and dairy-free.

Then there was a stage where everyone suddenly realised you could make delicious gluten-free brownies. That was great. At least I knew there'd be something I could have with my coffee.

Happy days! Gluten-free pecan pie at Mothercare

But lately I've been crowing about so many places that are now offering more for the humble Coeliac, even where you'd least expect it.

This week I went to Mothercare and discovered they were doing an impressive selection of sweet treats including gluten-free pecan pies. (That and a lunchtime menu with plenty of savoury gluten-free options.) I can't remember the last time I had so much choice!

So I've just e-mailed Boswells to ask if they might start doing some wrapped treats for Coeliacs.

If you'd like to join in my plea, click here for their contact form where you can make a good case for gluten-free food. It seems such a shame that a place that was so nice with such lovely staff could be so neglectful. Let's hope the next time I blog it's with good news from them!

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