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Mummy's little gluten-free puddings

Two mischevious gluten-free puddings!

Just over a couple of years ago I only had to think about myself as a Coeliac. And then came along my two gorgeous gluten-free puddings.

I don't know if they'll be Coeliac yet and I must admit, I'd be sad if they were. I've got fond memories of my childhood and they often involve food - getting a slice of cake in a goody bag at a birthday party, going for a Chinese and sharing dishes, or simply going to school camp and seeing who had room for "thirds".

I got coeliac disease when I was twenty and I've always been grateful the start I had in life wasn't affected. I hear from other parents of Coeliac children how difficult it is for them sometimes, and then I remember the 20% chance one of my kids will be Coeliac, too.

Perhaps I shouldn't focus on the negatives. I'm always grateful things are getting better. Ten years ago the majority of people probably wouldn't have known what gluten was. Today we have allergen laws and much better awareness. Who knows what the future holds?

Whatever happens, at least when they're at home they won't feel like the odd one out or be upset because there's not much on the menu for them. I have an entirely gluten-free kitchen where we cook yummy treats on a regular basis.

And for those days when I don't have time to bake or simply wish for a night off, I'm extremely grateful to the businesses who produce a delicious gluten-free version of 'normal' food, especially at Christmas. To those companies, I raise you a gluten-free mince pie!

Do you have a gluten-free child? How do you (and they) cope? Please share your story below!

P.S. If you're wondering, those jumpers are from Mothercare and are currently half price. Love 'em!

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