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Would you risk it for a biscuit?

If you've been coeliac for a while you'll know some of the top tips on how to avoid spending half your salary on gluten-free food.

One of them includes avoiding the freefrom aisle for naturally gluten-free products (like pesto and mayonnaise).

And today's Bristol Metro seems to agree (the following is a tweet thanks to a coeliac chap called David).

Get 'Free-From' Food For Less

It's quite shocking to see how much the price difference is. (That pesto I just mentioned was a whole pound cheaper in the normal aisle of my regular supermarket.)

That said, there is a part of me that has to triple-check these products. Is it really gluten-free? Why haven't they specified it's gluten-free? Surely there must be a catch?

There is a catch: the food hasn't specifically been tested to prove it's gluten-free.

But before you panic, it doesn't mean they're sneakily shoving gluten in and hoping no-one will notice. It's the law that a product containing gluten must be labelled accordingly.

So why don't get they get the test done? Is it the expense? Is it the time it would take? Or are they worried the label 'gluten-free' will deter their 'normal' customers from buying it?

Whatever the reason, it's clear it's not always 100% safe to eat gluten-free labelled products (hence today's product recall on M&S Scotch Eggs - see here for more details). (Before you panic, though, this is thankfully quite rare.)

So I reckon if you're clued up about reading allergen labels, it's probably ok to eat the non-freefrom freefrom food, if you see what I mean.

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