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Is the most infuriating thing for a coeliac to see?

There's that dreaded 'may contain' disclaimer!

Most of the time I love seeing a GF symbol. It saves me reading through a ton of ingredients and makes my supermarket run just that little bit shorter.

But I've never come across this before: the GF symbol followed by a 'may contain gluten' disclaimer.



And it turns out it's not (yet) illegal. According to the Food Standards Agency, it's simply 'best practice' not to use a 'may contain' statement. Click here to read more (but be warned: you may find yourself swamped in literature).

That said, both statements can't logically exist together. For one thing, my furrowed eyebrows and racing heart just can't take it.

The good news (before you start wondering which product this label's from) is that when outed the producers made the following statement:

We made a mistake on our packaging run, but fear not, our bars ARE gluten free for suresies. We’re very sorry for the confusion, we’re still learning and this warning is coming off our bars as soon as poss!

*Big sigh of relief*

And to be fair to them, the amount of information required on packaged food is rather a lot, and if you've tried wading through the FSA documents on allergen labelling then you'll know it's not so much a headache as a migraine.

Plus they do sound like a decent sort.

Have you seen any labels on food or restaurant menus that have had you confused? Do share them below, especially if you've got pics!

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