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How to rock(et) an egg-free birthday!

As you know, I'm all about gluten-free. And I often get asked to do vegan cakes, too. Usually, though, it's because the customer's chosen not to eat egg. Sometimes it's religious, sometimes moral, and I don't really ask why.

However, when your son turns two and one of his little guests can't have egg because he goes into anaphylactic shock, it suddenly takes egg-free cake to a new level.

Rather like having coeliac disease, there's no question of there being a tiny bit of egg in there. Unlike coeliac disease, there's a much more compelling reason to triple-check everything and also say a little prayer. After all, I've never fancied myself as a dab-hand with an Epipen (and nor do I wish to become accustomed to it).

The party actually turned out to be a lot easier than you might imagine. We had a barbecue with fresh meat, 30 large jacket potatoes and a mountain of grated cheese, bell peppers and cucumber. We also ordered a 24 degree heat (which has nothing to do with egg but obviously makes for a good pool* party).

(*Paddling, that is.)

For the grand finale, we had a large 2nd birthday cake, egg-free and (obviously) gluten-free, with a rocket in the top as a daytime child-friendly firework.

Egg- & gluten-free birthday cake with rocket

The only thing to go wrong didn't involve egg so I couldn't have cared less (because let's face it, egg was at the forefront of my mind). After the last guest had gone I discovered a fridge full of two-tone jellies. I'd got up at 6 o'clock specially to make them and then completely forgot to give them out.

Ah well. If you're wondering, they make a fun breakfast.

How do you feel when you're catering for a special diet? Do share your thoughts below!

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