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Look how far gluten-free has come!

The other day I was really impressed to see how much gluten-free food was on offer in the frozen section. In fact, I was so pleased I took a photo of it. I'm not sure which would have been more surprising at the turn of the century - the food or the photo.

The reason I mention time is because it's nearly twenty years since I got my coeliac diagnosis and first had to look for gluten-free food. For those of you who were in the same boat back then, you'll remember how dismal it was.

There were no allergen laws, no freefrom section and, although ingredients were listed on packaging, they didn't have to be specific. Things like modified starch could be derived from potato or wheat but manufacturers didn't always state which it was. Going naturally gluten-free was pretty much the only sensible way forward (unless you wanted to fork out a lot of money for a tiny amount of pretty dire food).

So although eating gluten-free isn't always a hoot, there are times when it helps me to remember that although it's not easy, it is easier. Supermarket staff at least know what you mean when you ask them where the gluten-free food is. Packaged food has to state if it contains gluten. And sometimes, if I'm lucky, there are two varieties of gluten-free pizza to choose from.

What are your experiences of finding gluten-free food in the supermarket? Do share them below!

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