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Guess where I've been?!

You may have wondered where Tuesday's usual blog post went. Why is she posting on Friday? Why the 3 day delay?

Well, I was on holiday. I could pretend I was doing it for you (i.e. investigating gluten-free options in a foreign country) but that'd be a big and very obvious fib.

So the question is, where was I on holiday? Can you guess from my ickle clues in the photo?

I'll admit the Portuguese gluten-free restaurant card is a bit of a giveaway, but it's not quite what you think. That is, unless you're used to travelling outside Europe and stopping a little way along the Atlantic.

So that should now be a HUGE clue, especially as my little Lonely Planet guide visibly shows the first two letters of the place I was staying.

But I'm not giving the game away just yet. Well, not totally.

I've got lots to report back and some yummy pics to show you, but mainly I just wanted to say hello and I've not forgotten you whilst sunning myself abroad.

Ok, that's also a bit of a fib. With a toddler and a baby, the holiday was spent mostly in the shade, but I did sneak in a few moments paddling in the sea. Oh sand, how I love you!

Curious to know more? Think you can guess where I've been? Let me know below!

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