• Ali

The best CRM system for a wedding cake business

Everyone will want your CRM system!

Do you keep a record of your clients? Is it an excel spreadsheet you loathe wading through? Or is it a beautifully computerised system that gives you peace of mind, like having your own personal secretary?

When I first started out in business, I didn't do much in the way of marketing. If I wanted to find the last time I e-mailed someone, I had to scroll back through my e-mails or use the search function.

It wasn't the best system, to say the least. I'd meet people at wedding fayres who weren't sure when they'd be getting married. So I'd ask them to call me when they'd settled on a date.

But this meant the onus was on the customer. Why should they have to find me? And that's how I lost customers - from not keeping in touch when I should have been.

Clearly, this couldn't go on forever if I wanted to stay in business.

I thought about my average customer's journey:

  1. Go to wedding fayre. Meet me and get a flyer.

  2. Book venue.

  3. Buy wedding dress. Think about lace on dress going with lace on a cake.

  4. Book photographer.

  5. Get flowers arranged.

  6. Decide a cake's important. Who should they go with? Who was that person they met at that wedding fayre?

  7. Book transport for the wedding.

  8. Send out 'save the date' cards.

  9. Think about cake again. Where's that cake flyer?

  10. Google cake makers in Bristol. Choose the first one that pops up.

And there it is at number 10 - the very thing I want my customers to avoid. Why should they have to do all the legwork? Wouldn't it be easier if they had someone in mind? By the time they get to number 6 they should know already who'll be making their cake (and it should be me).

So I looked into small business CRM systems. (Although CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, I think it's far easier to think of it as 'how to stay in touch with your customers and make sure they choose your services').

The one I ended up choosing was Táve. I briefly looked at a few others like Studio Ninja and 17 Hats but Táve had a great write-up from someone in a similar field so I gave them a shot.

What Táve will do for you

There are lots of things it does but here are my 'most important, couldn't live without, thank you so much someone invented this' reasons for choosing Táve.

Táve's traffic light system for leads

  1. The traffic light system As soon as you've entered a customer's details, they automatically get a green light. This means NEW CUSTOMER! Hey! This person's just made an enquiry! When they book their cake, they move from the LEADS box to the JOBS box. But if they haven't yet booked, they soon change to amber. A while later, they change to red (or 'stale' as Táve likes to put it). In other words, at a glance I can see if I've kept in touch with my customers. If they've got a red box next to their name, it means I need to giv