• Ali

How to make sweet potato & chicken curry

I'm a massive fan of curries. Massive. So massive I had curry for my wedding.

But I don't often make it myself. I could blame lack of time but I don't think that's really the answer. It's probably more about the fact I'm not used to doing it and therefore it doesn't come easily (a bit like ironing).

Nevertheless, I won't let the (slight) fear stop me from trying, which is why I decided to get out the latest issue of Gluten-Free Heaven magazine and make Donal Skehan's Indian Butter Chicken (p.74, if you're wondering).

Here's the image they showed:

Indian Butter Chicken by Gluten-free Heaven magazine

And this is what I produced:

My version of Indian Butter Chicken

Looks-wise it's not bad, is it? But appearances can be deceptive. I spent my time eating it wishing I'd done things a little differently, and that's exactly what I ended up doing when I re-made it a few days later.

First off, I'm not one of those people who's good with really spicy food, so you'd be forgiven for wondering why on earth I made it. But the thing is, a really good curry to me doesn't have to be hot. So I changed the recipe so much it's hardly recognisable. For a start, it no longer has butter in it. Nor does it have finger chillies, sugar or fenugreek. I thought I'd share it with you below under its new name.

Sweet Potato & Chicken Curry


(For part 1)

  1. 2 tspns vegetable oil

  2. 150g plain yogurt

  3. 2 garlic cloves (peeled & grated)

  4. 2cm fresh ginger (peeled & grated)

  5. 1 tspn garam masala

  6. 1 tspn lemon juice

  7. 800g diced chicken breasts

(For part 2)

  1. 500g sweet potato (peeled & cubed)

  2. Muslin bag filled with: 3 whole cloves & 5 cracked cardamom pods)

  3. Pinch of cinnamon

  4. 400g passata

  5. 200ml water

  6. 1 tspn garam masala

  7. Small bag of spinach (washed)

  8. 3 tblspns double cream

  9. 2 garlic cloves (peeled & grated)

  10. 3cm fresh ginger (peeled & grated)

  11. Pinch of salt

  12. Fresh coriander


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

  2. Mix