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Weddings are back on - excited doesn't begin to cover it!

I think I'll let out a small shriek if I see yet another post that begins, "It's been a crazy year..."

So in a vain attempt not to replicate that statement, I'd like to point out how utterly delighted and excited I am to know that weddings are back on...VERY SOON indeed!

It's my absolute honour to be able to provide people with a stunning wedding cake that doesn't contain gluten. It's even better when people tell me how much it meant to them and their guests.

Let's face it, there's always a guest who has something they can't eat and if yours is the wedding where they're not left out, they'll be raving about it for weeks. (And that'll probably be the first thing they tell you when you see them after your honeymoon.)

So what can you expect?

Well, if you've not been to the website recently, let me give you a reminder of the dreamy cakes you could choose from (and this is just a tiny selection!):

1. A Naked Wedding Cake

Gluten-free & dairy-free wedding cake by The Local Bakehouse
Gluten-free & dairy-free wedding cake at Tortworth Court

A firm favourite, this cake has no airs and graces. It just knows it's utterly beautiful on the inside and out, with powdered sugar and fresh fruit bursting with deliciousness.

2. A Buttercream Wedding Cake

Buttercream cakes are the most popular style of cake in America and for good reason! They're utterly delicious and look fantastic. Plus, you can choose some really stunning colours to go with your wedding theme.

3. The Showstopper Cake

Chandelier wedding cake by The Local Bakehouse
Chandelier wedding cake at The Roman Baths

You've waited long enough for your wedding - you deserve to have the time of your life. And what better way than to say it with cake? This hanging chandelier cake can be made in colours to complement your wedding. So if your bridesmaids are in peacock feathers and lace, so can your gorgeous cake.

Wondering how it's all done? Just have a look at the Zoom cake tastings page here.

You can also see more cake designs here or contact us with your enquiry. I can't wait to share in your joy!

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