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The latest wedding cake (just before lockdown!)

When Boris Johnson's announcement came last weekend, I suddenly felt really low. What would happen to the glorious wedding my gluten-free bride had carefully planned for the following Saturday?

The answer, thankfully, came on Monday afternoon.

Gorgeous bride called, almost breathless with excitement.

"Could you do the cake for Wednesday instead?"
"Yes!" I yelped, almost giddy with excitement.

And so it was that I suddenly found myself dashing about, desperately getting the ingredients for a 3 tier cake to feed 120 people. (And before you find yourself shouting, "That's not allowed!" I can assure you they only had 15 people at the wedding but had bought in a tower of cake boxes to post out pieces of cake to the guests who couldn't come.)

The venue was the glorious Bristol Harbour Hotel and they'd dressed it up a treat. They'd somehow made an enormous banqueting room cosy and intimate with a path of candles and stunning flowers.

The chandelier cake was to be the main focus, sitting on a white linen tablecloth in the middle of the tables. Thankfully, the florist had turned up in plenty of time with the centrepiece and a sprinkling of petals.

Chandelier wedding cake gluten-free
Semi-naked gluten-free chandelier wedding cake

So all that was left was for me to set it up. See if you can guess the flavours!

Click here to see more chandelier cake designs.

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