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Why the holidays are the best time to plan your wedding (& which cake to choose)

August is such a great month to switch off, isn't it? Admittedly, the August of 2020 might be a little different. But! There's still warm weather and fun to be had, which brings the perfect opportunity to solve any wedding dilemmas you've been having, not to mention one of the most important parts - the cake. (Hey, I'm unashamedly biased.)

For me, the best ideas come when I'm not actively trying to plan them, which is why if you're sitting on a beach or gazing up at the stars from a grassy knoll, you may find solutions falling into your lap.

Firstly, the current government restrictions aren't helpful but they won't be around forever. And given that you're planning a forever life together, a little forethought is probably a good thing.

Secondly, you may be able to leverage some of the new changes to your advantage. Whether it's saving money, not having to organise transport for a hundred people or simply making sure everyone has a front seat (hello, internet wedding) there are several things to be positive about.

The intimate wedding

Perhaps you didn't want a massive wedding and now you have an excuse to have something small and intimate. Not everyone wants a room crammed full of people as the doors swing back and they have to walk down the aisle. Instead, you can plan for cosy instead of catwalk.

Gluten-free semi-naked wedding cake
4, 6 & 8 inch tiered wedding cake at the Mansion House in Clifton, Bristol

What to do about your cake: just because you're having a smaller wedding doesn't mean you can't have a tiered wedding cake. If you opt for a small 4, 6 & 8 inch set of round cakes in sponge, you'll have enough for around 35 guests, which is ideal, especially if you fancy taking a couple of slices up to your bridal chamber!

The wedding series

You're desperate to see everyone but know you'll hardly get two minutes with them if they're all there on the same day. So why not have a series of wedding parties instead? You could opt for a wedding weekend where close family comes on the Friday for the formal part, bride's friends on the Saturday and groom's friends on the Sunday.

Lego toppers on a wedding cake
Have some fun with edible lego bride & groom toppers

What to do about the cake: this is the ideal time to go for 3 separate single tier cakes in a style that suits each. Maybe one of you wanted an alternative style with bright colours and the other wanted something more formal. With 3 days of celebrations, you can both have what you want (and a day for what your mother in law wants, too!).

The internet wedding

If you're desperate to have your day right away, need to be careful about shielding or simply want to be a hundred per cent certain your wedding plans will go ahead, you could consider inviting guests to be with you online. There are experts who can help you with the tech part (try Wedfuly) or you can get a pro Zoom account and enlist the help of a trusted phone-cameraperson. If you're getting married in church, just be sure the vicar's happy for you to film.

Slice of wedding cake
Decorate your wrapped cake slice as you see fit!

What to do about the cake: order a sumptuous brandy-soaked fruit cake and have slices posted out to your guests.

Tradition has it that popping a (wrapped) piece under your pillow will make you dream of your future husband, which ought to have your grandmother chortling!

There are some delicious fruit cakes to choose from, with or without marzipan, and guests will feel truly special if you also pop the cake in a box with their name on it.

All these options are possible with The Local Bakehouse. Just contact us for a chat about how we can make your big day happen. (Or days if you're going for the wedding series!)

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