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How to have a wonderful wedding day (even if it's just the two of you)

So 2020 didn't quite work out as planned. If you were meant to be having a big shindig of a wedding, you may be wondering if it'll ever happen. In my last blog post, I made 3 suggestions for going ahead with a wedding regardless, and in this post I'm going one step further: just making it about the two of you.

A gorgeously romantic wedding day kiss by the lake - more than two would be a crowd!

Before you slam your laptop, just give me a moment to walk you through it, because I'm not suggesting your big day should be anything other than the dream you were imagining.

It's just a different kind of dream.

Have you ever had a day that didn't quite turn out as planned (read: complete curveball) but somehow it was even better than you could ever imagined?

Bear with me.

There are wedding photographers who specialise in a 'wreck your dress' photoshoot. It's for brides whose wedding photos came back and weren't all that. In fact, they were really disappointed. So they book a day where they do crazy things like run into the sea in their wedding dress and splash around, lob paint at one another or leap into a muddy field right up to their middles.

Your first reaction might be the same as mine was: but what about the dress?! Well, what about the dress? They're difficult to sell, unlikely to be the same style as your daughter will want to wear in three decades' time (if you have a daughter, that is) and aren't exactly small to store.

So if you can change your mind about the purpose of a wedding dress, can you change your mind about the style of your wedding day?

Does it absolutely, definitely have to have all the people you've ever met (and some you haven't)? If the answer is a flat 'YES!' then walk away now. But if you're intrigued, think about this: does your 'I do' need to be for anyone other than your beloved (and God, who'll be there regardless). Because if the bit you're really keen to have people there for is a big knees-up, that can happen another time.

For now, you can be with the person who makes your world complete, and you can share your happiness in many ways that don't involve a rugby scrum of guests.

Many people feel their wedding day goes too quickly - that they didn't get to talk to everyone or that so much happened it was a shame they couldn't eek it out.

But that's just the opportunity you're getting - to take your time.

A satin ribbon is always satisfying to pull - especially if there's cake to be had!

So here's another suggestion: why not spend the day after your wedding sending thoughtful little parcels to your guests. Ones that contain wedding favours, a scrumptious slice of cake and a new date for next year. That way your guests will feel special and you're getting two wedding days rather than one.

And if you want help choosing that wedding cake, drop me a line. I've got plenty of scrummy options in both gluten-free and vegan to include all your wedding guests, which is an added bonus for anyone who has special dietary requirements.

Read my blog post here on how to choose a wedding cake during the holiday season.
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